Employee Owned

Jaynes is an employee owned company. We have built in Southwest Colorado since 1988 and established Jaynes Corporation of Colorado, Inc. in 1996. Our team has built over 60 Colorado projects in the education, healthcare, civic and retail sectors. We are here to build great buildings, lasting relationships, and communities we are proud to live and work in.


Construction is our craft. We have refined our skills and increased our knowledge over 70+ years. Jaynes has a deep understanding of construction management best practices, the materials we use and the tools we wield. Our depth of experience builds true confidence and makes us smarter and more creative on each and every project. Trust and teamwork are the cornerstones of our success.


Jaynes is forward thinking. We are committed to energy efficiency and construction waste diversion. We are proud of our LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) projects and bring this knowledge forward to every project we lead.


Community involvement is second nature. Jaynes contributes over $25,000+ annually to community and economic development organizations in the Four Corners.

Now Being Built

Jaynes just completed the LEED Gold Sitter Family Hall | Geoscience, Physics & Engineering Building at Fort Lewis College and is now building the headquarters for Osprey Packs and the Montezuma County Combined Courthouse in Cortez, the Goodwill Retail Center and the Sports Complex with the City of Durango at Fort Lewis College. We will start building The Liberty School this Fall.


  • Address:
    65 Mercado Street, Ste. 125
    Durango, CO  81301

  • Phone: 970.247.1831

  • Fax: 970.247.0338

“As an employee owned company, Jaynes understands the value of our people. Giving back to the communities where our employees work and live isn’t just a philanthropic act, it’s what makes us Jaynes.”

— Bill A. Florez, President Jaynes Colorado

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