100 days of summer

Raising the bar on safety
starts with you.

We’re excited to kick off Jaynes’ annual summer awareness campaign. As you know, summer on the job adds extra challenges to what we do. Temperatures are hot and we’re a lot busier, making it easier to accidentally miss double checking safety protocols. We encourage all of our employees to participate in celebrating safety and reminding each other that it takes the effort of every individual to keep us all out of harm’s way.

Safety, Quality and Production are equally important and rely on each other to accomplish the work we do at Jaynes. Imagine a three-legged stool. Reducing or eliminating any one of its legs would cause the stool to become unstable and topple over. The same is true for Jaynes. We need the strength of each of our three core values to work in unison with one another to function properly, remain stable and be successful. All Jaynes Companies employees are encouraged to participate in 100 Days of Summer, because each and every Team Members’ actions, abilities and attitudes affect our success. We need you to help hold up the entire company.








Have a great summer! And remember, safety brings you home.