What makes a city rise,
buildings or vision?


Our employees not only build the communities they live in, they nurture them for the next generation. We complement their efforts through involvement and contributions to advance the construction industry. We all know that each of us has a role in creating a better community for everyone.

We understand the great responsibility that is entrusted to us when we build the buildings that people live, work and play in. These buildings shape our communities and our lives.


Elementary Student Finds Motivation in Construction

Sam Burns, Superintendent, gave JD a hard hat at a ground breaking. Sam later learned that JD started using his walker (a feat JD had fought up until this point) so he could visit Sam on the job site. Sam continues to be a role model for JD...

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Ace Leadership High School

Shad S. James, President & COO of Jaynes Corporation, addresses the first graduating class at ACE Leadership High School. Jaynes invested time, money, & resources to start the alternative school and continues to actively support it’s mission...

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Modifications for the Graduate

Following a near-fatal motorcycle accident, Gary Esquibel’s home needed wheelchair modification to his home. Charlie Apodaca, Jaynes Project Superintendent, coordinated this effort to help Gary and his family. Charlie proudly attended Gary’s high school graduation.

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Next Generation Construction Leaders

Built for Students ACE Leadership High School is the product of Associated General Contractors New Mexico's notice of the construction labor shortage in the region. AGC gathered industry partners to support the educational endeavor, and we have been honored to...

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Eighties Video Gamers Unite

All eighties Video Gamers unite! In its third year, Parade of Playhouses pairs design teams and general contractors and assigns the teams with different categories. This year, with Dekker/Perich/Sabatini, we will be building an eighties video game themed playhouse....

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Los Miniones

We changed our building materials for a good cause. After 2,976 cans, the Jaynes and Dekker/Perich/Sabatini team completed Los Miniones sculpture for Canstruction 2016. The team worked to balance the old and the new by creating a scene where Minions, made famous by...

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NM Appleseed Playhouse

NM Appleseed Playhouse Jaynes Corporation partnered with Dekker/Perich/Sabatini and New Mexico Appleseed on a fundraising project to create playhouses that were auctioned off at an event named "Parade of Playhouses". Other local...

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Rusty Does it Again!

Rusty Hiers, Jaynes Project Manager, had his head shaved again for the 5th year in a row to stand in solidarity with kids being treated for cancer. In the United States, more children are lost to cancer than any other disease and worldwide,...

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