Why Jaynes Concrete?

The Benefits of Our Self-Performance Concrete Services

You could say that concrete is the foundation of our entire company. In 1946, George Jaynes began a one-man business pouring concrete driveways, gutters and sidewalks for residential customers. Within a decade, his humble company had grown into the largest concrete contractor in New Mexico. Today, Jaynes is a leading general contractor with over 200 employees, building complex facilities for a broad range of market sectors throughout the southwest.

And concrete is still at our core. Many things have changed around here since the post-war housing boom and Harry S. Truman was president. But a lot hasn’t. Like our commitment to quality work that lasts far into the future, and our dedication to coming up with solutions that help more people. That’s why we provide self-performance concrete services. As concrete construction contractors, we bring not only a deep well of knowledge and experience of our craft to every job, we also see the bigger picture through our lens as a multi-disciplined general contractor.

Self-Performance Sets a Higher Standard

Self-performing concrete adds many benefits to a project.

  • Safety – Safety is our number one corporate value. And when our experienced crew works together on a project site, we’re like a well-oiled, well-trained safety machine.
  • Speed – Our concrete specialists know what they’re doing. As one of the first steps in a build, concrete drives the schedule. Our knowledge and experience set the pace for the rest of the job and create efficiencies throughout the process. In the end, our proficiency saves you more than time, it saves you money, too.
  • Quality – A jack-of-all-trades can’t be a master of concrete. Our expertise means the job is done right. The better your contractor, the better your foundation, the longer your building stands up to the test of time.
  • Flexibility – As you probably know, projects don’t always go as planned. A leading concrete contractor has the knowledge and ability to step in at any point in the job without risking safety, budget, or quality.

Our Expertise

Our background in concrete certainly gives us a leg up, but when it comes to setting the bar for excellence, it’s not enough.

Our expertise goes a little deeper than that, even. With multiple concrete superintendents that have been with Jaynes for over 25 years, we’re able to pass on the wisdoms of our craft and our industry in ways other companies just can’t. We also provide job site training for all members of our crew. There’s nothing that compares to hands-on learning, handed down from generation to generation.

There’s more to the pour than just concrete.

Pouring concrete is a complex and multi-faceted discipline. Each project brings with it different requirements and challenges. How will the final finish look and what equipment do you need to accomplish it? Concrete mixes must be perfectly designed in accordance with varying building needs, rate of curing, climate and weather conditions. Pours must be timed correctly, appropriate machinery used, and proper vibration applied. And that’s just touching the surface of what’s involved. A successful concrete pour takes a contractor and crew who are knowledgeable and meticulous with many interweaving details.

Better concrete means building stronger connections.

Incredible buildings that help, house, and heal people can’t be built by a single person. We rely on a team that truly cares about the work they do, and that includes our partners, too. We work closely with our concrete suppliers, building relationships with the right people to ensure we receive the level of quality we require in our concrete. Our concrete is sourced from companies throughout New Mexico who specialize in the chemistry of mixes and creating custom solutions for the projects we work on. Many of these local organizations have their own in-house laboratories to continue to innovate stronger, more lasting solutions.

Paving the Way for a More Durable Future

We are driven by knowing we’re helping our communities grow and thrive. We don’t just pour the foundation for a structure, we know that children will be learning, patients will be recovering, and families will be sharing their days at the dinner table together in the buildings we help create. We do concrete right and don’t cut corners, preventing budget creep and unnecessary labor, creating beautiful finishes, and ensuring the structures we help build last far into the future.

We’re proud of the work we do. When you build with excellence, you help lift people up.