We will hang our values
on an office wall
when we get through using them.



Current All-Time Record Consecutive Days Without a Lost Time Injury

Safety is our number one corporate value. Without the proper protocols to ensure safety, we cannot execute the quality we promise. That’s why we create building solutions for the safety of our team and yours in every stage of construction.


We evaluate every action of our team to ensure our standard of excellence is never compromised. The proof behind putting such meticulous importance on craft is discovered year after year by those who use the buildings we construct.

The completed work has been outstanding and the skills and resources of the Jaynes team have been a blessing to our school and our community overall.

Patricia MIller

(Former Superintendent), Ft. Summer Schools


The latest technology makes our process and collaboration with clients run smoothly. From virtual design construction to online documents, our standard practice is to make everything perfect.

Specialized Teams

Special Projects Group

Every project is unique. We form a team of specialists that matches the needs of your project. From technical designed infrastructure specific to your industry to meeting a demanding schedule, our team has collective experience to execute quality across a wide range of criteria. Every team works closely with the owner to identify and resolve particular building needs, criteria and challenges unique to their industry.

Jaynes Healthcare Group

For example, Jaynes Healthcare Group is a team with the expertise particular to the needs of hospital buildings, acute care facilities and clinics.

Self Performance


Concrete set the foundation for what our company is today. We have been growing our knowledge by pairing people and resources to provide an exceptional experience for your project. Self-performing this work means our quality expectations are evident in the earliest stages of construction.


The millwork crew is obsessed with the details. This team is made up of craftsmen who build pieces for offices, schools, hotels, and retail spaces across our region. We are able to start with your vision and make it a reality through our training and resources.