Jaynes Concrete

Setting the right foundation.

For seventy years, Jaynes has been a concrete contractor. We have built up our teams by maintaining a distinct expectation for quality and safety as we work on challenging projects. When our concrete crew is on the project, we are sourcing seventy years of knowledge combined with today’s technology to give your facility the support it needs to last for years to come. With our team setting the schedule standard for the entire project, they provide a distinct scheduling advantage for your project.


Our team approaches the foundation process as an opportunity to set the pace for a project. There is no project too big or small for our crew.

Place and Finish

Whether it is in the building or on a site, we can complete specific finishes. These quality pieces are made possible by the mix of leadership, knowledge, and technology used.


With the ability to complete numerous finishes and experience casting and lifting panels over sixty-five feet tall, our concrete crew is equipped to take on tilt-up projects.


From three to thirty feet, our teams can build foundation walls and architectural site walls. We match our craftsmen and knowledge with the needs of the project.

Site Work

Outside of a building’s footprint, we can complete a multitude of site work pieces. Colored, traced, flat or stamped finishes can be accomplished.

Slab Installation

At each placement, we can install over 30,000 square feet of slab. With our team of finishers, we can guarantee even the most stringent of concrete flatness and floor levelness.