Jaynes Millwork

We’re obsessed with the details.

Our Millwork team completes pieces you will see during the life of a facility, making every detail matter. Our team is equipped with a full service millwork shop and fifty employees supporting your vision. We work with Architects, Contractors, and your team to engineer and produce the pieces that will complete your facility.

Piece by Piece

From custom interior to institutional casework, we have the capabilities to complete a variety of projects. Each element made has the support of a fifty-person team, processes, and new millwork technologies.


The moment we get a project, we have the ability to start on the fabrication process. Highly custom pieces or institutional, we have the skills to complete it.


With the in-house Building Information Modeling team and a drafting team, we can verify the logistics of millwork pieces in a space. This process decreases the chance for costly rework.

Training and Tools

Jaynes Millwork is an AWI Certified Corporation with resources like an automated production system and best-in-class finishing, stain-matching, and painting station.