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With a construction internship, you bridge the gap between what you’re learning in the classroom and what you experience at the office. Internships in the industry propel your understanding and prepare you for what is to come post-graduation. Here’s what our current and past interns think are the most important parts of an internship:


We’ve learned that the classroom is just the start of our education. Some of us have graduated and moved up in the company, others of us are still in school, yet we all agree that our internship experience is invaluable. Through the tough weeks balancing responsibilities there’s something about applying what we learned in the classroom to what we are doing on site that reinforces our desire to be in the construction industry.

Test Round

Working as interns allows us to see how the construction industry works. Each of us have met the leadership, estimating, virtual design technology, marketing, information technology, and other teams across the company. Working with the various groups lets us see places we might be interested in learning more about. Also, we see the ways all of the groups work together to make construction possible. In every interaction you notice how the company focuses on the people which shows how the company’s culture is important to make your job more rewarding.

Making Tough Decisions

As an intern, you are trusted with important tasks. Whether it was in the requests for information, proposals developed, or subcontractor communication, challenges arise and you are expected to work through them. At all times there are mentors to rely on, and as we work through more and more tough scenarios, we become better leaders.

Each of us are firm believers that our past or present internship experience has been key to our personal growth. We have met people who make us stronger; the longstanding employees and executives alike have made us better. Though it is challenging to balance school and work it’s a balance that will impact your transition from school to a full time job in a positive way.

Interested in becoming a construction intern at Jaynes? Visit our careers page to learn more about open opportunities.