Great Takes Growth

From our team to our character, we never stop growing.

When most people think of growth in business, it’s usually in terms of increasing profits and expanding a workforce. Business leaders are concerned with growth that can be clearly measured: how much revenue they’ve brought in, how many new contracts they’ve signed, how many new hires they’ve trained. These are all vital to the health of a company, but they’re not the only kind of growth that matters.

Skills, knowledge, relationships, depth of character. These are all areas of growth that are hard to quantify but absolutely essential to a healthy company. At Jaynes, we understand the value of growing as individuals even as we grow as a team.

Reaching New Heights Together

Growth on its own isn’t always a good thing. There are bad kinds of growth. Growing too fast, without a plan, and without a strong foundation are all unsustainable. That sort of growth might be exciting in the short term, but it’s bound to backfire.

It’s like a child building a tower from blocks: if they only care about making their stack as tall as possible, as quickly as possible, what they build will surely topple over. To grow tall, you also need to grow wide and to provide support along the way. That’s why we approach growth purposefully rather than taking it for granted.

We have a 77-year career of reaching up to ever-greater heights, reaching out to build our team, and reaching down with a helping hand so others can grow and develop alongside us. We understand that helping individuals with their personal and career growth directly contributes to the health of our business because nurtured employees are the ones who work hard, come up with innovative new ideas, double down on their commitments, and ultimately work hand in hand to build better projects together.

The Only Way to Get from Good to Great is to Grow

Growth is a type of change, and change can be scary. It’s easy to cling to outmoded methods and old ways of thinking simply because they’re familiar. Big fish don’t feel so important once they leave a small pond for open water. But until they do, they’ll never know what they’re capable of.

Only by pushing past our comfort zone to tackle bigger and more complex challenges have we been able to reach greater heights. Reaching for the next higher goal never stops being nerve-wracking, but the exhilaration of success makes that kind of risk worthwhile.

When we opened our doors in 1946, it was as a small Albuquerque concrete business. Since then, we’ve grown in scope, tackling massive construction projects and working as one of the best-known general contractors in the Southwest. We’ve grown in influence, becoming a trusted authority in the construction industry. And we’ve grown in expertise, learning and developing new processes, and building specialized teams to tackle tough jobs.

Throughout it all, we’ve stayed true to our people and processes, and that’s what’s enabled us to grow without sacrificing the strength and stability of our core. We cannot afford to forget that we were all once less than we are today – and together, we can be even greater tomorrow.