Staying True to Our People and Processes

How we maintain alignment between what we believe, say, and do.

If you’ve ever repaired a bicycle wheel, you might be familiar with the idea of truing. A wheel is kept in shape by competing tensions that hold it in place. If those tensions are adjusted, you need to bring the wheel back into alignment, both vertically and horizontally, to ensure it continues to work properly. That’s called truing, and without it, you’ll end up with a wheel that wobbles or veers off course.

When a wheel is out of true, it can affect its performance and even cause damage to other parts of the bicycle by adding to wear-and-tear. And if a company is out of true – with its values, its processes, or its people – its performance and longevity will start to falter, too. That’s why at Jaynes, one of our values is staying true.

The way we see it, every day you have an opportunity to do what you said you would do. And every time you waver from that resolve, cut corners, or take half-measures, you start to veer off course. Staying true means maintaining alignment by remaining loyal to our people and our processes, and being true to what we say.

Loyalty to Our People

We take care of our employees because they’re the foundation of our company. We’re committed to building careers and raising people up in our culture, which often means investing in young talent and guiding them toward mastery of their craft.

But “our people” extends beyond Jaynes employees. It also encompasses the owners and subs we work with on a regular basis and all the other relationships within the construction industry that must be cultivated and nurtured. As a leading general contractor in the Southwest, we know none of us can achieve greatness on our own.

We make an effort to reach out across disciplines and bring people together to share resources and be accountable to one another. Being generous rather than protective of our time, knowledge, and resources is part of how we stay true to our partners and colleagues in the construction business.

Loyalty to Our Processes

Staying true to our processes doesn’t mean being stuck in our ways. Instead, it means being clear-sighted about the goals of a project and the work that needs to be done and committing to that work with the highest standard of safety and quality.

We don’t cut corners, even when doing the job right means it’s more time-consuming and expensive. And when a job requires a specialized skill, we do what it takes to put the right people on that job, whether that means hiring the right subs or building a team who can self-perform.

We bought our own room pressure testing equipment and learned to perform those tests on negative-pressure rooms to cut down on delays and repairs when working on medical projects. We do BIM work in-house to identify and resolve problems before they become an issue, from design assist, to precon, to checks during construction. We manage our workflow in a way that accounts for even the smallest details and are always looking for ways to improve.

Because staying true means keeping the needs of stakeholders in mind and always striving to do right by them, even if it would be simpler to rest on our laurels.

Being True to What We Say

Construction, by nature, comes with some amount of uncertainty. Over the course of any long project, there are always factors outside of our control, from cost fluctuations to the weather. But we don’t give our word lightly, and we make sure we deliver on what we’ve promised.

If it takes us a little longer than the competition to commit to a plan, or if we’re a little pickier about the proposals we submit and the work we take on, it’s because we know better than to over-promise. We’re realistic about our capabilities and limitations, and we choose projects that we know are the best use of our time, skills, and resources.

From there, everything else falls into place. When you’re loyal to your people, build the best teams with the right skills, implement processes made with quality and detail in mind, and stay true to your promises, you cannot help but deliver the best possible work. That’s what’s built us into the company we are today, and it’s the foundation of our future.