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What is Our Special Projects Group?

A dedicated team for handling small-scale commercial, wood frame multi-family, and hospitality projects

Jaynes has become well-known throughout the Southwest for some of our biggest and most complex projects, like the multi-phase expansion and renovation of Presbyterian Hospital or the Mack Energy Corporate Headquarters in Artesia. But while these projects form the backbone of what we do, they’re not the only thing we work on.

The Jaynes Special Projects Group (SPG) is our division for handling small-scale commercial, hospitality, and multi-family residential construction. By combining the resources, processes, and admin of a large construction company with the experience and agility of a small, specialized team, we can tackle these quick-turnaround jobs – the Jaynes way.

The Foundations of SPG

In the early 2000s, we saw a growing need for general contractors suited to multi-family housing jobs. This type of construction falls outside the scope of most residential contractors but requires a different skill set, approach, and risk management strategy than major commercial projects. In response to this demand, we established what was then a subsidiary company, Global Structures.

Global Structures worked hand-in-hand with Jaynes for 15 years, sharing a premises and the same foundations of values, commitment to safety, and quality standards. During that time, we built relationships with subcontractors throughout the region and trained them in our methods. Many of those relationships are still ongoing, and we continue to build connections with skilled subs, raise our own teams, and promote superintendents from within.

The risk landscape and construction industry has shifted over the last 20 years, and we made the decision to merge the Global Structures operations back into Jaynes about five years ago. We retained nearly every crew member during that merge, and the Special Projects Group was formed. It now exists as a way to assemble a dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced subcontractors, craftsmen, workmen, and superintendents to deploy for particular jobs.

What Does the SPG Work On?

Jaynes primarily defines special projects by the type of construction methods they require and the scope of the work. Wood-frame construction is one area our SPG handles exclusively. Projects include multi-family housing like apartments and condos, senior living facilities, and smaller hotels. Residential housing in particular requires a different approach to risk management as well as unique training and certification, making it ideal for a dedicated team.

Our special projects often have quicker turnaround times and can be cost-sensitive. Part of the mission of SPG is to keep quality high while avoiding any unnecessary expenses. We keep the teams small, and our superintendents will even pick up their tools and join the work crews to get a job completed.

Our large projects are completed at scale and utilize the newest technologies and methods. We apply these same principles as needed to smaller projects, too. Whether it’s using BIM to better plan an apartment complex or taking advantage of prefabrication to speed up construction and manage costs, we’re always looking for ways that our large-scale knowledge can benefit our clients for even the quickest jobs.

Aside from new construction, we will employ our Special Projects Group to handle renovations and repairs for clients we have an existing relationship with. This allows us to better nurture the relationships we have with owners and saves them the hassle of looking for new contractors to handle small jobs. SPG also provides us with an ongoing opportunity to create jobs for subcontractors and keep work within the community, so we can grow together.