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ABQ International Sunport – Concessions, Checkpoint, TSA Secure Side Renovation

Jaynes is acting as the Construction Manager At Risk for the Renovation of the Albuquerque International Sunport project. This 452,000 square foot renovation will upgrade the ABQ International Sunport’s safety and security infrastructure and reimagine its food, beverage, and retail offerings. This project is vital for New Mexico’s largest commercial airport, as Sunport is not only the gateway to our state but welcomes over 5 million passengers per year. This major project focuses on improving the safety and ease of the traveler experience every time they fly and will create a 24% larger post-security footprint, providing additional amenities around the terminal where passengers need it most.

The reimagined amenities included in the renovation provide new opportunities for small, local, and minority-owned businesses to operate at the Sunport. The inclusion of local businesses will promote New Mexico’s unique culture to all Sunport travelers.

Jaynes’ resources play a critical role in this project as our BIM department contributes laser scanning for the TSA area, partial areas of the concourse and T-Connector, post security, both A and B gates, and other areas of new TSA work as needed, coordinating existing building systems with new constructions and using Open Space to document all field changes. We are also leveraging Open Space in conjunction with our BIM efforts to communicate/engage our trade partners, clients, architects, and Owners to offer a different view and perspective to the norm. These efforts will be used by Sunport to generate enthusiasm within the traveling public. We are excited to bring this project to life as the renovations will prove to be a significant asset for Sunport and New Mexico as a whole. 

Jaynes is self-performing both building and site concrete for the project as well as millwork including all casework per plans and specifications. Jaynes is dedicated to continue working on the Sunport, keeping project quality and safety at the forefront for the state-of-the-art travel hub of the Southwest.


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