Lobo Rainforest at Innovate ABQ

Partnerships with One Goal

Innovate ABQ’s Lobo Rainforest will stand as a space supporting entrepreneurs, businesses and the community. Within the six-stories and 160,000 square feet you will find lofts, fabrication labs, offices, and common areas. Spaces like a café, bike storage, fitness facility, offices, and deck will support the students and businesses in the building.

From Demo to Grand Opening

The existing First Baptist Church facility was built in three phases. We are demolishing the last of the three phases and building the new facility in the existing courtyard. From demolition, we move to developing the structure while coordinating around downtown Albuquerque activities.

Innovative with BIM

Building Information Modeling is a Virtual Design Construction tool letting us see the project before we start. With BIM use at Lobo Rainforest, we check if there are systems clashes, verify materials, and help our teams coordinate the

Water truck at Innovate ABQ Lobo Rainforest ground breaking
Exciting moments as we gather outside the facility
Albuquerque Mayor Richard Barry speaks to the community about Innovate ABQ
Now that the dirt has been tossed it's time to build at Innovate ABQ