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San Juan College Student Health Center

Jaynes is spearheading construction for the San Juan College Student Health Center project, which spans approximately 2,500 square feet. This initiative will introduce dedicated space to the health clinic at SJC, specifically tailored to meet the evolving needs of the student community. The project emphasizes accommodating a variety of healthcare services designed specifically for the student demographic.

A notable feature of this project lies in Jaynes’ enduring partnership with San Juan College. Through meticulous collaboration with our longstanding partner SJC, we have identified and addressed their distinct needs, seamlessly integrating the project within their budget constraints. This commitment to serving our partners and meeting community needs embodies Jaynes’ core values, reinforcing our bonds with the communities we serve.

Jaynes Structures, Inc. will oversee self-performing work, including concrete and casework. This hands-on approach underscores Jaynes’ dedication to delivering quality craftsmanship.

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San Juan College


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