The Liberty School teaches students in an environment that matches their unique learning abilities. The dyslexic, gifted and twice-exceptional students in first through eighth grade have been able to attend the only school of its kind in the Four Corners region for the past ten years.

The Challenge

Over the years, The Liberty School has operated in diverse spaces – a rectory, church basement, airplane hanger, and shared public school space. With a nearing lease expiration and growing school population, the school is in need of a permanent home for their school’s operations.

Our Opportunity

Nine acres of wooded, creek-side property in the City of Durango was generously donated to the Liberty School. The land provides the ideal setting for dyslexic and gifted students to learn and for the school to grow. Here are some features of the new school: One-on-one instruction classrooms; natural lighting and circulated air; space for visual performing arts; a dedicated science and engineering lab; and effective school security to guarantee student safety.