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Written by Shad S. James, President and COO

From the moment I walk into the office to when I leave, the energy of the people on our team is inspiring. We expect great things of each other, we value each other’s strengths, learn from our weaknesses, and collaborate to build better facilities for the various stakeholders in the community.

Construction is tough work, but with team members who have access to countless resources, I am constantly inspired.

Down the hallway from my office you can find our estimating team engaged in conversation with the operations folks cultivating solutions to questions that matter. The project engineers work on details and logistics of how our projects come together. At any moment our concrete team is hovering over a set of plans plotting and planning our success and the success of our projects. The Virtual Design Construction individuals talk about their role in making projects better. These groups and others have distinct skills that make us function as a company.

The energy surrounding us about new work, continuing projects, and potential opportunities keeps me going. The people at Jaynes make this company a place worth leading and continuously make me proud of the industry I love.