Grounded: The Jaynes Way

By: Shad James

“…guided by our values of being passionate about our work, keeping focus on what’s important, remaining loyal to our people and processes, being true to what we say, and living humble, authentic lives.

There’s something remarkably powerful about building.  We have, in a very literal sense, built Albuquerque and the communities we work in.  We use heavy equipment, create landmarks, and manage large, complex projects.

But just like the crane hook that symbolizes our company, Jaynes’ strength exists not for ourselves, but for others.

We are at our best when we are grounded in our humility.  We are at our best when we’re not trying to be someone else, but when we are using the strengths we have been given in the service of something greater.

Humble strength.

That’s The Jaynes Way.


Shad S. James


President & CEO