Home: The Jaynes Way

By: Shad James

Our vision is to see the communities we call home thrive for the long term.

“Home” is a good place to start. We’ve spent a lot of time arguing about where Jaynes defines our market. Is it Albuquerque? New Mexico? The Southwest? Anywhere on the planet that needs a building?

There are two important decisions here:

The first is that New Mexico, in some sense, will always be our home. This place is in our blood. Our roots are deep here. That’s something to be proud of, and to continue to invest in. Even if we expand in the future, that will never change.

The second is that Jaynes will never do business in a place we can’t treat as our “home.” Working in a community that matters to us, working where we have and can nurture deep relationships, working where people know who we are and want to think about doing business in terms of decades rather than months – these are all aspects of “home.” So while we might expand and grow, there is a Jaynes Way of doing that. It’s not overnight explosion, and it’s not flying a crew to Minneapolis tomorrow and working with subs we’ve never met. Instead, it’s building communities in the same way we’d build each our own homes. The right way, through relationships, in places where we invest and put down roots.

That’s The Jaynes Way.


Shad S. James


President & CEO