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By: Shad James

One year ago my parents’ home burned to the ground. It was a tough thing for my parents and my kids, as they were all there when it happened.

Today, as I watch the construction of their new home, I am a spectator to the incredible process I have lived through every day for the last twenty-five years. I see the individuals who are focused on the foundation, structure, and other pieces of the home and see the constant and lasting impact each of them has on a project.

When you work in construction, it can be easy to forget the risks and the complexities that our projects experience. Jaynes is built, literally, on the idea that there really is no problem that cannot be solved; if we encounter a roadblock, we devise a new strategy. We will always work hard through the hard work.

It can also be easy to forget the impact we have on the future. For my parents, each of the construction workers involved is a part of the place where countless family dinners, conversations, and life moments will be lived. Just like these individuals, our Jaynes teams are impacting the next generation of healthcare professionals, teachers, business leaders, and the overall community. We can never forget the impact of the hard work we do.

The project for my parents is not a hospital, school or even a small retail space, but it is still important. I am constantly inspired by the people with great character and integrity working every day to complete this project that will soon become my parents’ home.