In, Out, Up, Down

Thriving requires deep roots and plenty of room to grow.

From our inception in 1946, Jaynes has understood the importance of a healthy foundation. Maybe that comes with the territory when your values are set in concrete. But as we’ve grown and expanded to become one of the Southwest’s leading contractors, we’ve kept a focus on keeping that growth healthy, and that’s part of what allows us to flourish.

A tree that grows tall but has shallow roots is bound to collapse. So is a tower built without a proper base.

When you grow taller, you also have to grow deeper and wider. And we think that’s as true of companies as anything else, which is why we are always reaching – in, out, up, and down. Those four directions are the cornerstones on which we’ve built our business, and they’re what keep us strong as we grow.

Reaching In

With every project and challenge we face, we reach inward to perform with excellence. It’s not our way to hang out on the sidelines, hoping to get noticed. Instead, we take proactive steps to go above and beyond – not for the glory, but because continually raising the bar on quality is the right way to take care of the community we’ve helped build.

When you do the right work, for the right reasons, and always set your benchmarks higher than they were last time, you can’t help but rise.

Reaching Out

We are not guarded or possessive of our ideas, wisdom, and processes. We know our value is in the work we do and the results we bring to the table, as well as in our ability to help others throughout our field be better at what they do.

So we make a point of reaching out to owners to better understand what they need and help bridge any gaps. We also reach out to designers, subcontractors, and fellow general contractors when we can to bring them in as part of the Jaynes community. We’re proud of The Jaynes Way of life and are intentional about sharing our values and insight in everything we touch and every relationship we build.

Reaching Up

We believe in redemptive innovation. That doesn’t mean change for its own sake or following trends. It means looking for better ways to do what we already do, and keeping an eye out for new solutions that can solve ongoing problems in the construction industry. Reaching up means always striving to be better than we were yesterday, and knowing that who we are today has plenty of room to grow.

That kind of humility is what leads us to see the real potential of fresh ideas and processes. We never assume that the way we do things now is the best, right, or only way to do them. We keep an open mind and approach every project with fresh eyes, affording room to grow.

Many of our best ideas don’t come from the top. Instead, we stay open to suggestions and insights from everyone, from laborers and interns to people seeing us from the outside. Those of us in leadership keep our doors open for discussions where everyone is invited.

Reaching Down

Reaching down means nurturing deep roots and lifting others up to make sure the company we’re building is one that can endure for generations to come. That means constant mentorship and teaching to empower the next generation of construction professionals. It also means giving encouragement to those who might not be able to see things from a heightened perspective just yet.

Many of our leaders started on the ground and were raised through the ranks by the generosity and wisdom of their predecessors as much as their own hard work and grit.

The work we do is bigger than any one of us, and we clock into work each day with the knowledge that we’re making things better for the people who will be here long after we’re gone. That’s The Way Up.