Raise: The Jaynes Way

By: Shad James

We have made it our purpose to do all we can to raise them up.

You might have noticed our logo is the hook on a crane. It’s not just because it looks cool.

The crane is the biggest, largest, and strongest piece of equipment in a construction site. If you look at a city’s skyline, the crane symbolizes growth and vitality – and is usually the only visible marker that there’s building going on.

But a crane does nothing but raise other people and equipment to heights they couldn’t reach without it.

That’s Jaynes. When we look at Albuquerque or Farmington, when we look at that new apprentice or that new owner, when we look at our trade or our industry, our first thought is to ask how we can help raise them up. It’s our job to make those communities, those people, and even this business better than it would be without us.

That’s our purpose. That’s what we exist for. To raise up others.

That’s The Jaynes Way.


Shad S. James


President & CEO