Staying True: The Jaynes Way

By: Shad James

“…guided by our values of being passionate about our work, keeping focus on what’s important, remaining loyal to our people and processes, being true to what we say, and living humble, authentic lives.”

Loyalty sounds like one of those old-fashioned values that we don’t get to live very often.

But loyalty – staying true to each other – is a very practical virtue. There’s a reason why people stay at Jaynes for decades…because of their loyalty, and the loyalty of others to them.

Our processes, and the words you say, are the clearest and most immediate ways to show your loyalty. Every day you have an opportunity to do it the right way – even when you’re tired and even when it is hard. Every day you have an opportunity to do what you said you were going to do.  If you break those bonds, or those words, you create more work, more risk and less trust.

We don’t cut those corners.  We hold the line.  We are true to our word and to our commitments.  We stay true.

That’s The Jaynes Way.


Shad S. James


President & CEO