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Why Passion Matters

Finding Purpose and Meaning in Construction Work

In a 2023 Zippia job satisfaction study, data analysts found that only 20% of workers would describe themselves as “passionate” about the work they do.[1]

The same survey goes on to give some startling statistics about the value of workplace satisfaction:

  • Satisfied employees are 13% more productive than their less-enthusiastic colleagues.
  • Unhappy employees cost the U.S. about $550 billion a year due to decreased productivity.
  • More than half of employees surveyed are looking to change jobs and are actively looking for more satisfying opportunities.

What’s most interesting about the Zippia survey, though, are the factors that influence job satisfaction. Salary is the third-most important consideration for the workers surveyed. Far more important are being treated with respect and finding meaning in their work.

Passionate Workers Are More Satisfied with Their Jobs

It’s probably not a coincidence that the jobs with the highest rate of reported satisfaction are also jobs people describe as meaningful. Members of the clergy rank high on both scales. So do teachers, surgeons, and counselors. For people who feel “called” to a specific field, the satisfaction of meaningful work outweighs salary, benefits, and even opportunities for advancement.

When you think about it, this makes sense. After all, you spend about a third of your life at work. If you’re only clocking in for a paycheck, work can start feeling like it’s getting in the way of what you care about in life. But if the work you do is aligned with your values and priorities, the time you spend will feel meaningful and fulfilling. Work becomes a valuable part of your life, not a distraction from what you find important.

Our Passions Become Who We Are

If meaningful work is important to long-term job satisfaction, then it makes sense to connect the work you do to a higher purpose. We’ve found that finding the deeper meaning to our work is the key to igniting real passion, the kind that inspires us to see projects through to a high level of excellence.

For Jaynes, that meaning comes from upholding the standards of our goals and company values:

  • We raise up and support our community through the construction of buildings and facilities that help our friends, colleagues, and neighbors thrive. We are part of the communities we serve, and we see firsthand the impact of the work we do and the lives we affect.
  • We build successful projects that provide opportunities and growth for the next generation of builders. As leaders in our industry, we shoulder the responsibility of sharing what we’ve learned with those who look up to us, because we know that all of us win when we lift each other up.
  • We lead and support our teammates through the intentional development of knowledge and experience. We understand that everyone has to start somewhere, and we invest in our employees by partnering less experienced workers with more experienced mentors and celebrating their growth and achievements as their careers progress.
  • We grow Jaynes through the establishment of our Lower Rio Grande Division and other initiatives to spread our influence and create opportunities throughout the Southwest.

At Jaynes, our passion drives us to find meaning and purpose in the work we do. Because of that, we’re willing to put in the effort to make sure something’s done right. Beyond profit or prestige, it’s passion that drives us, and it might be one reason we’ve endured for so long and plan to grow and flourish well into the future.


[1] Zippia. “43 Incredible Job Satisfaction Statistics [2023]: Average Job Satisfaction In The US” Zippia.com. Jun. 19, 2023.