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Cibola MRI

The Cibola MRI renovation project led by Jaynes encompassed a 1,500-square-foot upgrade, which transformed an existing facility maintenance area into a state-of-the-art MRI room. This renovation also included the creation of essential supporting spaces such as a control room and a treatment room.

This project enhances medical services within the Grants, NM community by providing a modern and permanent MRI facility. Previously, the hospital relied on a mobile MRI trailer in their parking lot. This project represents a significant upgrade in terms of infrastructure and technology. This enhanced medical capability means improved diagnostic accuracy and quicker access to critical medical services for residents. The project not only serves the healthcare needs of the community, but also reflects Jaynes’ commitment to delivering high-quality construction solutions that directly benefit the communities served.

Jaynes Structures, Inc. provided self-performed services of fabrication and installation of cabinets, storage units, and other necessary casework elements to ensure the functional aspects of the facility.

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Cibola General Hospital


Hartman + Majewski Design Group