Central Desert Behavioral Health

Centrally located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Central Desert Behavioral Health Hospital is a 64-bed inpatient hospital offering advanced programming and services for the treatment of behavioral health illness for older adults. The facility is positioned adjacent to Spanish Trails Skilled Nursing Facility, built by Jaynes Corporation, which is also owned by Elm Street Realty. Being across the street from each other offers convenience to the Owner and Staff when needing to transport patients from one facility to the other. This facility replaced an older outdated facility and included two large exterior courtyards, two large activity rooms and a full service kitchen and laundry facilities.

Jaynes has provided a facility that contributes to the comfort and well-being of patients, staff members, and visitors. We have accommodated both universal features in addition to evaluating specific features that are essential to this type of treatment. Leveraging a universal design approach, and one that revolves around improving the psychological well-being of patients, has proven to be invaluable.

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