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De Baca County Detention Center

The De Baca County Detention Center project encompassed the construction of an 8,800-square-foot detention facility led by Jaynes. 

This project serves the essential purpose of providing De Baca County with a modern detention facility. The facility includes male and female inmate pods, a fully equipped kitchen, a laundry room, and employee service areas. The facility was built to meet the security and operational needs of the county’s justice system while ensuring the humane treatment of inmates.

The De Baca County Detention Center project represents a major upgrade for Fort Sumner, providing a significantly improved facility. This enhancement provides better conditions for detainees and more efficient operations for law enforcement. Moreover, the project established a valuable relationship with a new client, highlighting Jaynes’ commitment to serving the unique needs of each community it partners with.

Jaynes’ resources were crucial to the success of this project as Jaynes Structures, Inc. provided self-performed services of concrete slabs and foundations for the facility as well as exterior concrete. Additionally, Jaynes Structures was responsible for casework, including master control countertops and cabinetry in the kitchen.

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County of De Baca


NCA Architects, LLC