Sandia Resort and Casino Amphitheater

The Sandia Resort and Casino Amphitheater project is one of Sandia’s most recent upgrades. While keeping in mind the caliber of performers that will be performing at the Amphitheater, improving the experience for guests was Jaynes’ focal point throughout the project. Sandia Resort and Casino selected Jaynes as the General Contractor with the goal of making the facility more intimate for its guests. Versatility was also an important factor for the renovations. The project scope involved an addition of restrooms to reduce lines and wait times. More venues (concession stands) were also added. The delivery method on the Amphitheater project was Construction Manager at Risk. Originally, the project was designed to save as much of the existing structures as possible and add on and remodel as required. The project then evolved into demolishing all structures and starting anew. This made it possible for the project team to meet a demanding deadline, all while working at the center of Sandia’s fully functional casino and resort.

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Sandia Resort and Casino


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