Highlands Pedestrian Bridge

The Highlands Development Bridge project began on June 22nd and was erected on October 5th. Prior to the bridge project, Jaynes completed the neighboring Springhill Suites Hotel. The Hotel contains 20 dedicated rooms on the third floor for Ronald McDonald House Charities of NM guests. The Highlands Development Bridge will connect Springhill Suites to Presbyterian Hospital, providing families with access to a private and safe route between the two. Needing to shut down Central Ave for the first time in over ten years, the team spent six months prepping for the five day erection process. Weighing over 100 tons, the bridge required two cranes. Site logistics was key to the project’s success, 150+ ambulances and patient walk-ins were routed through the site without interruption to the hospital. Throughout the week, 45 people delivered over 2,600 man-hours. This project was completed with zero incidents due to our project team’s diligence and dedication.

Job Details:


Presbyterian Healthcare Services and Titan Development


Dekker/Perich/Sabatini Architects