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San Juan College School of Energy

2016 AGC NM Best Buildings $10-20 Million
2016 AGC NM Best of Show

On this fast-tracked Design-Build project with Dekker/Perich/Sabatini, there was a notable level of collaboration. With the utilization of Virtual Design Construction (VDC), the team was able to look at all of the technical systems at the facility with a functional and aesthetic lens. The maintenance staff was invited to participate in the review process and incorporate a long-term maintenance perspective in to the process. Every week the architect, consultants, key subcontractors and our project team would engage in weekly design meetings to maintain a highly interactive culture which bread innovation and creativity.

The agility of the team allowed them to adapt to the design changes because of new funding from industry partners late in the project. The additions included a well simulator lab, hazmat training center, rare-mineral display gallery, outdoor patio grill, and veteran’s memorial were added to the design late in the project.

The sixty-day early completion was due to overlapping design and construction phases by thirty days as well as interactive conversations with trade subcontractors and designers to eliminate inefficiencies and come up with creative, cost effective solutions. Also, the use of lean strategies throughout the entire project supplemented the teams early finish and collaborative atmosphere.

Photo from Dekker/Perich/Sabatini

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San Juan College