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UNMH Ophthalmology Clinic Renovations

Jaynes led construction for the UNMH Ophthalmology Clinic Renovations project. This project was a multifaceted initiative focused on enhancing the clinic’s infrastructure and functionality to better accommodate patient needs. Comprising three distinct phases, the project targeted specific areas for improvement while increasing overall capacity. Phase 1 entailed expanding the clinic’s capacity by introducing new examination rooms, three operating rooms, and eight pre/post-operative beds, along with a new reception area to streamline patient flow. Phase 2 concentrated on optimizing existing space by integrating millwork into breakrooms, examination rooms, and the reception area to enhance both aesthetics and functionality. In Phase 3, an abandoned basement was renovated to create office, breakroom, and conference facilities, augmenting support spaces for clinic staff and improving operational efficiency.

Jaynes Structures Inc. self-performed the project’s concrete and casework, including a small addition in each Phase and added millwork to the breakrooms, exam rooms and reception.

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University of New Mexico Hospitals


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