The Jaynes Advantage

Our expertise separates us from the crowd.



Record Days Without Work Loss Incident

Safety has been and will remain a cornerstone of our project focus. Whether we are building a new facility or renovating an old space in the middle of downtown, we have a commitment to our team and yours to be proactive. We bring an award winning safety program with us to each opportunity.


Your success is ours. That is why we have a designated focus on quality from the moment we start working with you. Our team has developed a quality program centered around a project’s most sensitive areas. We stand behind the work we do with a comprehensive warranty program and building follow-up reviews with our Client Engagement Group. Quality is never an accident, it is the result of intelligent effort at Jaynes.

The completed work has been outstanding and the skills and resources of the Jaynes team have been a blessing to our school and our community overall.

Patricia MIller

(Former Superintendent), Ft. Summer Schools


Technology is changing how buildings, infrastructure, and utilities are planned, designed, built and managed. With Online document management systems, drones, and Virtual Design Construction, information is turned into insight to deliver business value at every step of the process. The systems we use allow for early identification of potential issues, which directly impacts your project’s bottom line.

Specialized Teams

Special Projects Group

Special Projects Group functions as a small, nimble builder with the resources of a large company. It takes a specific knowledge and skill set to meet the demands of the various sector-specific projects this group focuses on. You can find this team working on multi-family, tenant improvement, senior living, hospitality, and light commercial projects.

Jaynes Healthcare Group

With specific focus on healthcare projects, the healthcare team is trained to provide quality, safety, and management tailored to the needs of hospitals, acute care facilities, and clinics. The Jaynes healthcare construction specialists work closely with each owner to identify and resolve challenges.

Self Performance


Concrete set the foundation for what our company is today. We have been growing our knowledge by pairing people and resources to provide an exceptional experience for your project. Self-performing this work means our quality expectations are evident in the earliest stages of construction.


The millwork crew is obsessed with the details. This team is made up of craftsmen who build pieces for offices, schools, hotels, and retail spaces across our region. We are able to start with your vision and make it a reality through our training and resources.