Lead: The Jaynes Way

By: Shad James

Our mission is to build places, lead people, and grow the capabilities that will bring about a prosperous future.

Jaynes leads. We lead people. We lead people who work here, we lead people who work for subs, and we even lead people who work for companies who entrust us with millions of dollars and their highest-profile spaces. They need to know what to do, how to make hard decisions, how to manage their resources and opportunities, and we give them the leadership they need. We give people direction, opportunity, and growth. To look at Jaynes – or any Jaynes employee – is to see a direction worth following.

It’s always easier to follow. To look the other way and hope somebody else takes care of it. But we don’t do that. We do the harder thing. We lead.

That’s The Jaynes Way.


Shad S. James


President & CEO