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Navajo Prep Student Housing

Jaynes’ is leading construction services for the Navajo Prep Student Housing project. This 13,000 square feet, two-story building will accommodate 32 students through 16 sleeping units. This facility will also include two Resident Assistant offices, multipurpose rooms, and fully equipped kitchens. The project will feature a large skylight and an octagon railing opening on the second floor, which will provide ample light and aesthetic appeal to the building. Additional spaces such as a healing room and counselor room will also being incorporated to cater to the holistic needs of the student residents.

Jaynes will self-perform various tasks for this project including concrete work, miscellaneous framing, and the installation of Division 10 components. Furthermore, Jaynes’ in-house BIM department is playing a pivotal role throughout the project, highlighting the importance of Building Information Modeling in ensuring precision and effectiveness in construction endeavors for the Navajo Prep Student Housing project.

With its primary goal of providing on-site housing for Navajo Prep School students, the project will address the pressing demand for student accommodation and facilitate greater access to education.

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Navajo Prep School


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