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New Mexico Consortium

This hybrid CMAR project consisted of the construction of a 27,000 square foot laboratory and office facility with a 4,000 square foot research greenhouse on a 3 ½ acre site in Los Alamos, NM. Included within the facility are unique biological laboratories, glass houses, ponds and other plant/algae growth-related facilities. The facility will be used by a team of researchers to study the areas of energy security, solar energy and food security.

Within the laboratory and office facility, there is a main laboratory housing fifty employees. There are eight individual labs contained in the structure where access can be restricted as required for experiments and two rooms with a BSL2 rating for biochemical research. The lab also includes three open office spaces containing cubicles for work areas. The greenhouse is fully automated with a sophisticated computer system to control temperatures and humidity so plants can be studied in specialized environments.

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New Mexico Consortium