PresNOW – Paseo, Coors, & Isleta

PresNOW Paseo is the first of three facilities Jaynes is building for Presbyterian Healthcare Services. These facilities offer Albuquerque its first 24/7 Urgent Care and Emergency Care within the same buildings. If patients can be appropriately treated via Urgent Care, it eliminates the cost of Emergency Care. Being that the two are offered under the same roof, medical professionals will be able to decide the level of care needed for each patient. This removes the burden of deciphering the best care from the patient and provides opportunities for healthcare professionals to ensure patients are receiving appropriate treatment. This facility also offers 24/7 access to Urgent Care, which is normally only provided through the evening. PresNOW Paseo was completed and open to the public in March of 2019 with PresNOW Coors completing shortly after in October of 2019. PresNOW Isleta is currently under construction. 

Job Details:


Presbyterian Healthcare Services


Dekker/Perich/Sabatini Architects