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Project OSLO

Jaynes is leading construction services for Project OSLO, the conversion of an existing Motel 6 into studio apartments, encompassing a total building square footage of 75,028 square feet. Project tasks include drywall installation, framing, flooring, painting, and site landscaping/concrete work, aimed at transforming the property into functional living spaces.

With a primary focus on addressing the city of Santa Fe’s housing shortage, the project’s main purpose is to provide additional affordable housing options. By repurposing the existing motel into studio apartments, the project contributes to the city’s efforts to alleviate housing shortages and provide more accessible living spaces for residents, aligning with broader community development goals.

This project holds significant value for the community. By repurposing an underutilized property, it addresses the pressing need for housing in Santa Fe while revitalizing the community. Additionally, the renovation of the abandoned property enhances the surrounding area’s aesthetics and functionality. 

Jaynes Structures is taking on significant self-performed tasks in both concrete and millwork for this project. The millwork aspect involves providing and installing commercial casework cabinets and designing wing walls, while the concrete work includes tasks such as installing sidewalks and patching existing curbs and gutters.

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