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Veterans Integration Center

Jaynes is leading the construction of the Veterans Integration Center—a 20,090 square foot, 3-acre campus. This development aims to provide temporary housing for homeless veterans and will encompass essential features such as three communal kitchens, 42 beds/42 units of low-income housing tailored for veterans, and additional facilities like a food pantry, donation center, walking track, and a common area for dining. Notably, the center will be built to accommodate both veterans and their family members.

As a transitional residence, the facility is poised to create a supportive environment, aiding veterans in stabilizing their lives. By offering a secure and encouraging living space, the Veterans Integration Center will play a crucial role in the well-being and rehabilitation of those who have served their country. The project significantly addresses the pressing issue of homelessness among veterans, acknowledging and honoring their dedicated service.

In the realization of this impactful project, Jaynes Structures, Inc. will play a vital role by engaging in self-perform casework. This will entail the installation of casework in various areas, including the communal kitchens, apartment unit closets, and wood base applications throughout the facility.

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New Mexico Veterans Integration Centers


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