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Westgate Community Center

Jaynes is leading construction for the Westgate Community Center project. Spanning approximately 11,000 square feet, this expansion project will seamlessly tie into the existing community center, enhancing its capabilities and amenities.

The primary objectives of the project are to provide additional space for the community center, introduce new meeting and kitchen facilities, and incorporate a park with a spray pad to offer additional recreational services. This endeavor holds value for the community as it expands the community center’s facilities, enabling the enhancement of after-school programs and summer recreational activities. 

Jaynes Structures, Inc. will undertake self-perform work, including both concrete and casework. The concrete scope will involve foundational work for the buildings, as well as site enhancements such as adding a bus stop and installing the spray pad. Casework will encompass providing cabinets and storage solutions for the new meeting rooms and kitchen space. 

Jaynes’ in-house BIM department will play a pivotal role in modeling all MEP systems for the project and will provide drone videos showcasing the progress of the park, offering an immersive view of the project’s development and milestones.

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City of Albuquerque


Lee Gamelsky Architects P.C.