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Staying Grounded: The Jaynes Way

Self-performing concrete isn’t just something we do. It’s part of who we are.

A lot of companies make a big deal of posting their values on the wall. At Jaynes, we make a point of living them. Because we’re not writing something down that we don’t believe in, and beliefs aren’t worth much without actions to support them. Really, our values as a company grow out of the work we do and the standards of quality we hold ourselves to.

One of the things that’s important to us is staying grounded. For us, that means staying humble, authentic, and true to our roots. It also means building strong foundations – on job sites, in our working relationships, in the construction industry, and out in the community we serve.

Some of the Strongest Work Happens Where Nobody Sees

Concrete foundations are essential for strong buildings. The foundation creates a stable, flat surface strong enough to hold the weight of even the tallest structures. Concrete is resistant to erosion and can endure decades of wear and tear from Mother Nature. A good foundation is what keeps a building from sliding sideways in the rain or collapsing under its own weight.

All the same, foundations tend to get overlooked by most casual observers. It’s pretty rare that someone walks past a building and comments on the quality of its stem wall. Concrete work isn’t flashy or eye-catching, and it’s often hidden below the surface of what’s visible in the final product. But it’s essential to everything that comes next.

That’s a pretty solid metaphor for a lot of what we do, actually.

So much of the work we do isn’t visible to the casual observer. It’s time spent training new faces and building careers. Or a commitment to the policies that bring everyone home safe at the end of each day. Or maintaining relationships with other contractors, subs, architects, owners, and everyone else who helps us build the Southwest.

Remembering Where We Came From

For more than 75 years, Jaynes has been a name synonymous with concrete. It’s how we got started and what we built a legacy on. But no matter how big we get as a general contractor or how far we spread from our New Mexico home, we don’t forget our roots.

That’s a big part of why we continue to self-perform concrete work.  As one of the first steps after breaking ground, we understand that the work there lays the foundation not just for the building itself but for every step in the construction process. We have the tools, experience, knowledge and techniques to ensure the work gets done perfectly every time. By being there to lay the groundwork, we set the standards for the rest of the job.

What We Don’t Do Is Just as Important

Part of staying grounded also means being honest with yourself about your strengths and limitations. We know ourselves well enough to know where we excel. We also know when we’re not the right fit for a job – and we’re not too proud to admit it. Staying humble and authentic is part of being grounded, too, and in practice that can mean taking an honest look at ourselves, our strengths, and even where we might fall short.

Sometimes, playing to our strengths means working with subcontractors who bring the necessary skills and experience to the job. Sometimes it means taking a step back and seeing where we need to improve, whether that means building a dedicated special projects team from the ground up or hiring the right person to expand our expertise. And once in a while, it means walking away from a job if the owner’s values don’t align.

Whatever the case, what matters is getting the job done right, without ego getting in the way of results. That’s the Jaynes Way.