Carlsbad High School Field House

Jaynes is currently building the Carlsbad High School Field House renovation and addition project. The existing building is 13,080 square feet, and the new construction will contribute an additional 19,878 square feet that are essential for the football, baseball, and track programs that will be housed in the new facility. 

We are eager to contribute to the growth of the local area with these Carlsbad projects. This project will improve the lives of the students and staff who will use this facility on a daily basis. 

Our BIM department is contributing to this project through completing building systems (MEP and structural) modeling and coordination on this project through laser scanning after demolition to verify existing conditions. Jaynes Structures Woodshop is providing and installing wood lockers for the temporary Field House locker rooms, ensuring that all our self-performed millwork teams complete quality pieces, making every detail matter for the Field House.

Renderings by NPSR Architects, Inc.

Job Details:


Carlsbad Municipal Schools


NPSR, Architects, Inc.